We have a long and sturdy relationship with our product supplier Wethertex as we believe they are the best supplier of external rendering products within the UK.  The company prides its self on customer satisfaction and has “More than 45 years’ experience in the manufacturer supply and installation of performance building products.”


The Slide show below showcases some of our most popular external finishes, take a look through the variety of options and you’ll find the colour for you.  As soon as you use the  contact form below, you will receive a call from one of our highly skilled applicators.

Our most popular finish and texture option is MP44, this option is a high quality spray which has an exceedingly long life. The formula for this finish is based on the pliolite resin technology. It is a proven fact that MP44 is able to work effectively on properties for up to 45 years.  Alongside making your property completely waterproof, it allows the brickwork to breathe naturally as it has a high vapour transmission rate. Due to the fact the pliotile resins and adhesion benefits of the product combine your property will be protected with the highest quality wall coating technology available on the market.








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